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Qiuyu Julie Li
Welcome to K- 3. My name is Qiuyu Julie Li. I've taught English in China for five years and taught Chinese for more than ten years in both China and the U.S. Students I have taught ranged from preschoolers to college students. I obtained my first M.A. degree in English in China and my second M.A. degree in Linguistics in Cal State Long Beach. I also got both the Multiple Subject Credential, Single Subject Credential, BCLAD certificate and GATE certificate.

The benefits of the immersion program are not just second language skills, but also enhanced cognitive skills, increased cultural sensitivity, and even improved performance on standardized tests, as proved by our wonderful students.

This is my fourth year in Barnard. What the school and students have achieved is really fascinating. I am very proud to be part of Barnard’s excellent bilingual immersion program.

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Qiuyu Julie Li
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